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Top Gainers for the year

Name Price Change
RRD R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company $10.84
$0 (0%)
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company Stock Price
AMR Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc $160.85
$-5.74 (-3.45%)
Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc Stock Price
FPRX Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc $38
$0 (0%)
Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc Stock Price

Top Losers for the year

Name Price Change
OIBR-C Oi S.A $0
$0.0001 (100%)
Oi S.A Stock Price
KLDO Kaleido Biosciences, Inc $0
$0 (0%)
Kaleido Biosciences, Inc Stock Price
FIII Forum Merger III Corporation $0.01
$0.0002 (3.08%)
Forum Merger III Corporation Stock Price

The smart way of making more money is to invest it!

Investing money in Stocks offers the uttermost potential for growing money over the years. The BuyStocksEasy directs the users to know how and when to invest in stocks to get the best out of the investment made by the user. It facilitates users to explore stocks and compute their growth to make maximum earnings out of it.

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Step 1: Get To Know The Stock Market

The most crucial thing to do before entering into a new field is to do all the research about it beforehand. It is important to have adequate knowledge of how the process works and how much one wants to invest at the start. Acclimating to the basic terms of the stock market is helpful for the investor to understand the functioning of the stock market. Some important terms of the stock market are listed below.

Stock Trading Glossary:

Broker: The one who buys or sells the stocks for traders and investors.

Bid: The price offered by the buyers for purchasing the stocks

Ask: The Price demanded by the sellers for selling the stock

Spread: Difference between the Prices of the highest bid and highest ask.

Market Order: Buying or selling the stocks immediately at best current market price available.

Limit Order: Buying or selling the stocks at a certain price.

Once the basic idea of terms is known, the users can proceed further to understand the complete process of trading and investing in stocks. Buying stocks of a company means to purchase the ownership shares of that company. Once you buy the share you can either hold onto the shares and collect dividends regularly which is preferable if the user is looking for a steady flow of income or the user can sell the shares at a right time when the shares price is higher than the amount at which the user bought it thereby making profit all at once. Buying stocks is a long-term profitable investment. Hence, it is important to make up the strategy beforehand for a gainful long-run investment.

Step 2: Set Up Your Stock Investment Plan And Budget:

The investor must have a financial plan about how many stocks to buy and how much money is to be invested in them. The stock market works on the simple principle of – “More you own, more you make”, one must be certain about the price one is willing to pay to meet one’s expectations.

Step 3: Market Planning And Finding The Best Stocks To Buy

High return is an attribute of an ideal investment.  Searching and deciding for the best company to buy stocks can be very confusing especially for the one who does not have much idea about buying lucrative stocks. One needs to have adequate information about the company and its stocks to be certain of buying its shares. It is a paramount approach to have the assistance of the experts, who delivers the best information to help invest in the best stocks. Thus, opening a Brokerage account online can lend a hand in searching for the strong company with best stocks to invest onto. BuyStocksEasy helps one analyze and search for the right stocks and find the perfect trading brokers to optimize one’s investments in stocks.

Step 4: Determine The Right Value Of Stocks:

It is essential to know the right value of stock before purchasing it. One needs to have the appropriate knowledge about the stock’s price to make maximum profit out of it. Thus, this factor totally depends upon the record of the company with its shareholders. The annual report of the company is the key to understand its competitive management, relation, and record with its shareholders and its current share price compared to its earnings per share. Companies with a good track record and strong management are more liable to generate more money for its investors. Moreover, it can be said with certainty that the companies with innovative and smart leader are likely to grow faster and higher. Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla and Google are great examples of companies with smart leaders and solid growth rate. Thus, it is clever to invest in such companies to get a favorable and highly profitable result of investment in its shares.

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Step 5: Start By Buying Your First Stock

After finalize what to buy, where to buy and how much to buy, the final step is to get started with it. The stock market is quite volatile; the value of stocks goes up and down period. Once you have purchased the stocks, checking up on the investments regularly will help in making further strategies to make more profit. After starting up, one can invest more to buy more and make more profit. With time comes experience and knowledge. Once you step into the stock market and begin the journey, you will realize the Stock market for long-runners and risk-takers. The companies which focus on faster growth rate tends to generate more profit for their shareholders. Hence, the more ambitious and talented the company, the better are the chances for its shareholders to make a huge profit.

Choosing the right broker is completely a work of one’s requirements. If one wants to invest into more stocks of a company or looking to sell the stocks to some other investor at the best possible price, the broker does the job. Online platforms such as BuyStocksEasy enable its users to search for the most suitable and reliable broker, giving another reason to investors and traders for choosing this platform to make extra profit.

There are important elements you ought to consider before picking the best online stock broker, they are listed here below:

Customer Service:

The type of customer services that the customer is expecting:

This can include several services like way of communication or type of currency trading involved. It is essential for the customer to prefer the broker who offers the desired services. Many brokers communicate through the phone while in case of others one can simply visit the office. If the customer prefers face-to-face communication than opting for local brokers would be more appropriate. It depends on how the customer feels comfortable. Furthermore, different countries have different currencies; and sharing of money (Such as paying commission, receiving shares price) between brokers and customers would be beneficial if both have the same method of payment. Thus, the type of trading is another major factor to look upon. Many brokers accept money through online payment methods while in the case of local brokers, exchange of money in cash is possible. Therefore, another factor based on customer preference.

Buy/Sell Commissions and fees:

It is crucial to pick the broker who meets the financial demands of the customer. Many brokers’ offers only contract fee while some charges fee to purchase mutual funds. Also, some brokers charge on the basis of per-trade. Likewise, It is necessary to consider How much they charge; it is based on the type of services that the broker provides i.e. Full-services – that offer full-time recommendation and suggestion to the customers and discount-services - that offer adequate data only and the customer is required to make the call. Moreover, several brokers have their own limits and set of rules for customers in case the customer is willing to withdraw money or close the account. These brokers’ charges fee (on every transaction in case of routinely withdrawing a certain amount of money) and permit the withdrawal only if the customer has the amount above a certain limit in his account. Also, the customer should have a solid stand on whether the service provided by the broker is worth the money. There should be no compromise between the customer and the broker. The customer is free to choose the broker based on the former’s Many brokers offer services such as Promotions, It is crucial to learn all the rules and limits set by the brokers beforehand and pick the broker who fits well with your demands and expectations.

One should consider these important factors and do complete analysis of the way the broker would work, the benefits on the investments, the fee charged and for what purpose and set of rules to follow in case of withdrawal; to ensure one’s choice of picking the right broker that would offer the desired services and full-term satisfaction.

BuyStocksEasy focuses on top-level stocks news and other stocks related services along with accurate stocks value online that enables investors and traders to keep an eye on the opportunities for generating good avenues. The expert staff is available 24*7 to assists the users to get the best guidance for investing in the best stocks, monitor the investments precisely and track the performance of stocks.

Moreover, this platform directs the users to find the best brokers to sell the stocks as well as provide the user’s standpoint on the investment in a particular company’s stocks which allows investors to decide whether or not to put money into its shares. With the professional guidance, the users can get the complete exposure and adequate support to have complete knowledge of how the stock market works and decide where the money can be invested wisely and smartly to get the best out of it.

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