October 1, 2022
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Best Shares to Buy

This is the main question we get at BuyStocksEasy, and it isn’t a simple one to answer either. That is why in this piece we try to address the question in a way that will satisfy all our readers based on their preferences. You will find our top stock picks categorized in 3 criteria. All these stocks will also be available for trade through The Best Trading Brokers who will help you find the best broker for you.

Shares to buy today

Some shares are just too attractive to pass up no matter how pricy they may be. Indeed, these are the stocks you ought to buy today if possible and keep them in your portfolio for years to come.

General Motors (GM)

Many investors may lift an eyebrow at this pick based on its performance this past year – just 3.5% in growth of share price, which is much less than even the S&P achieved in that time. What these investors are forgetting is that this is merely a short-term setback actually created when GM took some of its SUV and truck plants offline in anticipation for their 2020 models. Once these plants come back online toward the end of the year, we should see GM start to make money once again.

In addition to the potential short-term potential, GM has an eye on the future through its electric and autonomous vehicles which it plans to launch this year. This is a space with tremendous potential down the road, and GM is already carving out its position. Whether you want a stock to buy for value or growth, GM should definitely be in your portfolio.

The Greenbrier Companies (GBX)

Greenbrier manufactures transport equipment from railroad cars to oil/gas tankers, hoppers and auto racks. Over the past year, the company’s stock lost almost 25% because of weak financial performance in its second quarter of 2018. Despite the weak results, order flows and sales in the company were still growing. They received orders for 3,800 new railroad cars bringing the total backlog to 26,000 units. The new orders are worth $450 million and that raises the total backlog value to $2.7 billion. Given these numbers, revenue is expected to rise this year up to $3 billion compared to the $2.5 billion revenue recorded last year.

Even more impressive is that GBX has acquired American Railcar Industries (ARI) this year. The move raises EPS by 20% and Greenbrier’s footprint in the US. Given the position of GBX in the industry and strong financials, this is a very attractive stock to buy right now. The additional benefit of a 2.8% yield only makes it more lucrative and worth the buy.

Starbucks Corporation (SBUX)

So far this year, Starbucks has already improved its stock price by 28% from $64 to the current price of $82. Many investors believe that this could be the end of the run, but perhaps not. Hedge fund legend Bill Ackman stated that he believes SBUX will be one of the best stocks of the year and a Zacks Rank of B indicating that it is a recommended buy. Perhaps there may be some correction in the works soon, but that won’t deter the rally in Starbucks share price this year. In fact, you should already be buying this stock from The Best Trading Brokers as soon as possible.

Best Shares to Buy - Buy Stocks Easy
Best Shares to Buy

Penny shares to buy

It used to be that only stocks that traded below $1 were considered penny stocks, but the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revised their definition to include shares worth less than $5. In the UK, however, penny stocks are still those trading at less than a sterling pound. These penny stocks are usually issued by very small companies with small amounts of revenue and assets. Since these are the measures used by an underwriter to value a company’s shares, it would make sense that smaller companies fall under this categorization.

It is important to note that a company that is traded on a national stock exchange would still not be considered a penny stock even if it were trading below $5. That is because the SEC believes that such a company’s stocks would be less vulnerable to manipulation. Even so, you should know that when a company’s shares listed on a major exchange like the NYSE or Nasdaq falls below the minimum for 30 consecutive days, that stock s delisted.

Historically, penny stocks have been associated with market manipulation and fraud. In the 1970s and 80s, fraud through penny stocks was so rampant that even the mafia had begun to participate. By 1989, it was estimated that about $2 billion was being siphoned off investors through penny stocks’ schemes. Such levels of fraud necessitated stronger regulation in the form of the Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990. The law gave the SEC power over brokers providing penny stocks and also required these brokers to divulge information about the penny stock market at large and the particular stock they were interested in.

Nevertheless, fraud still goes on around penny stocks, such as a case last year of Eric Landis who tried to manipulate the market by creating the illusion of increased demand for several penny stocks. These schemes tend to work because there is little liquidity in the markets allowing the scammers to purchase a chunk of stock and artificially elevate its stock price. If you really want to be safe, use only those brokers recommended by The Best Trading Brokers. They provide an unbiased list of trustworthy brokers from whom to buy penny stocks.

With the right broker, your capital is safe from scammers, but you still need to identify the best penny stocks to buy. This is what we do at BuyStocksEasy with the help of our experts who study the most profitable penny stocks to buy. Although many penny stocks don’t make it out of the gutter of the stock market, there have been a few notable examples that did. One of them is Monster Beverage Corp that traded below $1 in the first few years it was founded. Today, the company’s share price is $65 and well above penny stock territory. Why not try a few of these companies too.

Nuvectra Corp

This isn’t the typical company an investor looks for. On one hand, the company has been making losses in the millions of dollars with a negative net margin of 98.77% and negative RoE of 62.18%. On the other hand, the market consensus rating of ‘hold’ and a price target of $20.40. From SEC filings, there have been various investors actually buying up the stock including American International Group PNC Financial Services and even insider Benjamin Tranchina.

Despite the negatives, the company still has a lot of potentials as you can see from the financials. The current ratio of 6.60 and RSI of 11.62 mean that the company is oversold and undervalued. Therefore, there is a huge upside potential for the company in the coming months.

CVR Partners

This company creates nitrogen fertilizer, and although not the most publicized industry by a long shot, the fundamentals go in CVR’s favor. Recently, the company’s stock price has been on a steady rise due to the rising price of nitrogen fertilizer recently. The steady climb has been enough for Moody’s to change the company’s outlook from negative to stable. With a high dividend yield of 5%, BuyStocksEasy expects that more investors will invest in the stock.

So far, trading volume is still very low at the exchange, and that makes it quite risky as volatility may spike at any time. Add to that, the debt-to-equity ratio stands at 1.31, and that is a bit alarming.

Sesen Bio

For 5 consecutive years, this company’s stock has been declining precipitously and shedding over 78% of its value. Recently, though, the stock bounced a bit from year lows on the back of news that the FDA had approved the company’s plan for Vaccinium. The move saw trading volume jump from about a million to over 26 million shares daily. Even options traders increased their positions in the stock.

Clearly, many investors seem to think this is the turnaround Sesen needed, and we at BuyStocksEasy do too. That being said, during their most recent financial report, the company did not record any revenue and that is potential trouble for any company. Such a situation is very risky for a company

Cheap shares to buy

The question of what a cheap stock is is not so simple. On one end are the penny stocks that are valued at less than $5 and on the other are blue-chip stocks like Amazon each worth about $1,800. Cheap stocks, therefore, can be said to be those stocks that are toward the lower end but still above the penny stock level. For the purpose of this piece, we shall consider stocks worth under $20 as cheap stocks. If you want to buy some of these stocks, then go to The Best Trading Brokers to identify the best brokerage for you.

Now just because these stocks may be cheap doesn’t mean the companies are performing badly. On the contrary, investing in cheap stocks is all about buying undervalued stocks in huge quantities and riding the wave upwards. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bargain as long as the quality is good. To identify the cheapest stocks, BuyStocksEasy scoured the 52-week low list for companies that had declined in value over the past year. Many of the companies on this list are those that have been oversold and reached their floor. Other sources for our picks include the WSJ’s Money Flows Buying on Weakness, analyst downgrades and the P/E Laggards list.

Zynga (ZNGA)

The world of mobile gaming is a very challenging one because the space is overcrowded and competition is fierce. A quick scroll down any app store will give you a dizzying experience with thousands of games. Where once only a few games were popular now users are more likely to hop from one to the next. Companies can no longer keep customers loyal, and this is proving to be a challenge for the companies that make these games because they have to spend more on development while the returns are dwindling.

Zynga found itself in just this situation, but somehow is managing to stay above the water. So far this year, the company’s stock has appreciated by over 50% from just under $4 to the current price of $6.46 at the time of publishing. Most of this growth can be attributed to their acquisition of Merge Dragons for $250 million last year in May. Now, this acquisition is reaping rewards and accounting for a huge proportion of Zynga’s revenue.

Last month, the company sold its San Francisco headquarters for $600 million, giving them the cash they will need to keep acquiring titles in the future. Not long after that, a Stephens upgraded the company’s stock based on recent performance and potential. You can buy Zynga shares right now with any of the brokers recommended by The Best Trading Brokers at the current low price of under $6.5.

Snap (SNAP)

Among stock market picks, Snap is a relatively new entry since its IPO in March 2017, just over 2 years ago. At the IPO, Snap shares were being sold at $17 and now they are down to about $14. Pivotal Research raised the company’s potential from ‘hold’ to ‘buy’ nonetheless, indicating increased confidence.

According to Pivotal, the target price is $17.25 up from $13.25. This was probably in response to the rapid rise in value by almost 140% in this year alone. Researchers at the firm state that user numbers have been underestimated, and that the business is at an inflection point, perhaps even might generate profit this time around, because of their relationship with ad agencies. Although not valued below $10, we at BuyStocksEasy see this as a potential value buy in the short and long term.

Kandi Technologies (KNDI)

Electric vehicles are obviously the future as is evident from the number of Teslas being sold every year. Unfortunately for Kandi, though, has not enjoyed the same luxury in China due to policy changes around government subsidies. As a result, demand went down and profits with them. From the peak value of its shares at around $20 in 2014 to the current price of $4.51, it’s fair to say that the company has been struggling. The first sign of life came this year when Kandi was allowed to bring their electric vehicles to the US, but the trade was just won’t allow the company room to breathe. These are just short-term problems, though, because the EV movement is bound to keep picking up pace and Kandi is poised to rise up once again.

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