October 1, 2022
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Buy Alphabet Inc. Stock (symbol: GOOG) Easy Online

Company Name: Alphabet Inc.

Symbol: GOOG

Sector: Technology

Industry: Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing

IPO: 2014

GOOG Current Share Price

Today's GOOG ( Alphabet Inc. ) opening price: $1363.3500

Yesterday's GOOG ( Alphabet Inc. ) closing price: $1356.0400

Alphabet Inc. Stock ( symbol: GOOG ) Price Chart since IPO (2014):

12 Months Alphabet Inc. Stock ( symbol: GOOG ) Price Chart

Popular Questions about Alphabet Inc. Public Stock ( GOOG )

A: Alphabet Inc. stock symbol (also called stock or share ticker) is GOOG

A: Alphabet Inc. IPO (Initial Public Offering) took place on 2014

A: Alphabet Inc.'s stock (GOOG symbol) price at ther IPO (initial Public Offering) was $1363.3500

Q: Is GOOG stock worth buying at the moment?

A: If you were looking for a long-term investment portfolio and had bought the 'Alphabet Inc. stock (symbol: GOOG) at the beginning of 2019, at the opening share price of $1116.3700, with a minimum of $200, by now your shares would be worth $234 and your profit would be $34 - SHOW ONLY IF PROFIT.

Buy Alphabet Inc. Stock (GOOG) Easy Online

Alphabet Inc. Stock Ticker (GOOG) Price Chart since IPO:

Alphabet Inc. Stock Price Yesterday


Alphabet Inc. Stock Price – Last Week


Alphabet Inc. Stock Price – Last Month


Alphabet Inc. Stock Value Chart – 12 Months

Is It Too Late To Buy Google (GOOG) Stock?

It was high time for many investors who were looking to buy Google (GOOG) stock when it took a downturn. And it is least possible of this event to recur any sooner. Lucky for investors who bought the stocks when the GOOGLE (GOOG) stock touched a low price mark and those who missed, Is it too late for them to make a profitable bid on GOOGLE (GOOG) stocks?

In stocks market traders look for the opportunity to buy stocks when it reaches to a low point and may or may not wish to sell it when it reaches a new high, depending on how long they want to keep their investment. In any case, the stock market is all about bidding at the perfect moment. As it happened with GOOGLE (GOOG) stock when it touched a low point, the investors jumped and grabbed the opportunity and those who missed might have to wait a bit longer for the stock to come down. But if investors still want to make a profitable bid than it is not too late. Since the GOOGLE (GOOG) stocks value is rising continuously thereby giving a chance for investors to seize the moment and make a profitable bid. Here is what one can do:

Call for CFD bid (GOOG>>BUY)!

CFD stands for Contract for differences which provide traders and investors with an opportunity to make a profit from the price movements of the stocks without buying them. To put it simply, Contract for the difference is a contract between the investor and the brokers, allowing the investor to exchange the difference occurred between the opening price and the closing price of a stock. Thus, making a profit from the rising value of shares. For an example: Suppose, a stock opened at $1000 and the investor signed the CFD with the owner of the stock. After a hike in the stock’s value, it ended at $1200. This difference of $200 in stock’s value is where the investors take its share of profit.

How to buy the Google stock (GOOG) through a regulated CFD broker?

  • Things to consider in CFD Trading: It is essential to learn the concept completely before deciding whether or not to call for the CFD: The major benefit of CFD is making a profit from the uprising value of stocks without buying it. Thus, providing access to several global companies to bid upon. However, there are some risks involved in CFD trading: One is required to maintain the margins in order to make a profit. The investment doesn’t guarantee one the profit, it is based on the price movement and company performance in the market. Thus, one may face loss or may gain a good profit.
  • Understanding the Process: Firstly, the investor is required to search for the right CFD broker who charges little fees. The profit for an investor is only performance and spread based, therefore making it essential to pick someone who asks for low commission or nothing at all. CFD broker makes a profit from Spread price (difference in ask price and bid price). This fee trims the overall profit of the investor and in the case for Short-term investors; the potential of making a profit is lesser. To put it in a simpler way: Suppose X is an investor who is looking to enter into CFD trading. X enters into contact with Y (the CFD Broker) and buys 100 units of a Stock at a certain price, say, $10 per unit. For 100 units, 100*10 = $1000. Y charges 2% as fee therefore, X pays $20 to Y. As the value of shares may rise or fall depending on the trends, suppose the value of shares rises and closed at $1100. In Opening, the rate was $1000 and at the end, the rate is $1100, $100 hike in the value of shares. Therefore, a profit of $80 (excluding $20 fee of the broker). This is how the process works. And eventually understanding the importance of choosing the right broker and the right stocks to make maximum profit. Thus, it is also crucial to check the background and history of the broker.
  • Advantages of the CFD Trading: It is clear now that CFD trading is no different than gambling. It is pretty volatile and fast-moving but the right choice and close monitoring can help one make the profitable choice. In CFD trading has no ownership of the underlying asset and all one doing is bidding on the asset and take the profit home at the end of the day. There are no limits on time duration or minimum amount required on day trade, one can day trade without any restriction. CFD trading is totally a bid on the performance of the respective company which may rise or falls based on trends. Thus, close monitoring of the stock’s performance is a vital factor that can make all the difference.

Choosing the right CFD stock broker

It is clear that Right broker and bid on right stocks the key of trading. It is essential to pick the perfect broker who charges little or no fee and best stocks to invest in. BUYSTOCKSEASY is the platform that provides all the assistance to the users to get the best stocks to bid upon and the right broker to help in making maximum profit. One can closely monitor the performance of the company and can opt to choose the best company to put the money on and make the best out of the investment made.

Using the BuyStocksEasy tools to buy Google stock (Alphabet Inc. – GOOG)

BUYSTOCKSEASY offers its user a time saving and reliable support to make the right choice. Investing in the stock market is very risky but with the adequate knowledge and support from experts, it can turn the table in one’s favor. It is crucial to buy the right stock, and right brokers to make maximum profit. BUYSTOCKSEASY not only allows the user to search right brokers or right company stock to invest into but also provide adequate information about the broker and the company to provide you with the right ones. This platform can help one search the best CFD broker and invest in the GOOGLE (GOOG) stocks and make money. Since Google (GOOG) stocks are on the rise, therefore, it is high time for an investor who missed the opportunity of buying its stocks at right time to still make the best choice and invest into something which is likely to make money for its shareholders.

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