December 11, 2019
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Buy Simulations Plus, Inc. Stock Easy Online

Stock Ticker Name: Simulations Plus, Inc.
Sector: Technology
Industry: EDP Services
IPO: n/a

Simulations Plus, Inc. Stock Ticker Price Chart since IPO:

SLP Stock Price Chart Since IPO

If you had bought the SLP (Simulations Plus, Inc.) stock at the IPO price in n/a and invested the minimal sum of $100 back then, your SLP (Simulations Plus, Inc.) shares would be worth $32.41 by now, and your profits would be $28.75

The stock market is growing rapidly, SLP (Simulations Plus, Inc.) share price charts shows the timeline for the past 6 months:

SLP for the past 6 months

Simulations Plus, Inc. Stock Price Yesterday

Open: 32.38 
-High: 32.925
-Low: 32.26
Close: 32.41


Simulations Plus, Inc. Stock Price – Last Week

Open: 32.47 
-High: 32.79
-Low: 31.99
Close: 32.54


Simulations Plus, Inc. Stock Price – Last Month

Open: 34.42 
-High: 34.42
-Low: 33.42
Close: 33.42


Simulations Plus, Inc. Stock Value Chart – 12 Months

SLP for the past 12 months It is not too late, you can get into the market today and invest as low as $32.41 to buy 1 SLP (Simulations Plus, Inc.) share to profit from future growth.

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