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Company Statistics

Market Cap.:
$0.006 billion
Book Value:
Revenue TTM:
$0.005 billion
Operating Margin TTM:
Gross Profit TTM:
$0.000 billion
Gross Profit TTM:
$0.000 billion
Profit Margin:
Return on Assets TTM:
Return on Equity TTM:

Company Profile

Technical Communications Corporation had its IPO on 1990-03-26 under the ticker symbol TCCO.

The company operates in the sector and industry. Technical Communications Corporation has a staff strength of 22 employees.

Stock update

Shares of Technical Communications Corporation opened at $0.75 at the start of the last trading session i.e. 2022-11-02.

The stocks traded within a range of $0.75 - $0.98, and closed at $0.75.

This is a -25% slip from the previous day's closing price.

A total volume of 3,000 shares were traded at the close of the day’s session.

In the last one week, shares of Technical Communications Corporation have slipped by -25%.

Technical Communications Corporation's Key Ratios

Technical Communications Corporation has a market cap of $0.006 billion, indicating a price to book ratio of 6.5958 and a price to sales ratio of 1.3051.

In the last 12-months Technical Communications Corporation’s revenue was $0.005 billion with a gross profit of $0.000 billion and an EBITDA of $0.001 billion. The EBITDA ratio measures Technical Communications Corporation's overall financial performance and is widely used to measure its profitability.

In the trailing 12-month period, Technical Communications Corporation’s operating margin was -6.18% while its return on assets stood at -7.35% with a return of equity of -27.63%.

In Q2, Technical Communications Corporation’s quarterly earnings growth was a positive 0% while revenue growth was a negative 51.5%.

Technical Communications Corporation’s PE and PEG Ratio

Forward PE
Trailing PE

Its diluted EPS in the last 12-months stands at $-0.16 per share while it has a forward price to earnings multiple of 0 and a PEG multiple of 0. A low price to earnings ratio can mean the stock is attractively valued while a high ratio suggests the stock may be overvalued.

The PEG on the other hand provides a broader view compared to the P/E ratio and gives greater insight into Technical Communications Corporation’s profitability.

Technical Communications Corporation stock is trading at a EV to sales ratio of 1.228 and a EV to EBITDA ratio of 11.2357. Its price to sales ratio in the trailing 12-months stood at 1.3051.

Technical Communications Corporation stock pays annual dividends of $None per share, indicating a yield of 0% and a payout ratio of 0%.

Balance sheet and cash flow metrics

Total Assets
$0.000 billion
Total Liabilities
$0.000 billion
Operating Cash Flow
$0.000 billion
Capital Expenditure
$0.000 billion
Dividend Payout Ratio

Technical Communications Corporation ended 1970 with $0.000 billion in total assets and $131.2 billion in total liabilities. Its intangible assets were valued at $0.000 billion while shareholder equity stood at $0.000 billion.

Technical Communications Corporation ended 1970 with $0.000 billion in deferred long-term liabilities, $0.000 billion in other current liabilities, billion in common stock, $0.000 billion in retained earnings and $0.000 billion in goodwill. Its cash balance stood at $0.000 billion and cash and short-term investments were $0.000 billion. The company’s total short-term debt was $0.000 billion while long-term debt stood at $0.000 billion.

Technical Communications Corporation’s total current assets stands at $0.000 billion while long-term investments were $0.000 billion and short-term investments were $0.000 million. Its net receivables were $0.000 billion compared to accounts payable of $0.000 billion and inventory worth $0.000 billion.

In 1970, Technical Communications Corporation's operating cash flow was $0.000 billion while its capital expenditure stood at $0.000 billion.

Comparatively, Technical Communications Corporation paid $0 billion in dividends in 1970.

Other key metrics

Current Trading Price
52-Week High
52-Week Low
Analyst Target Price

Technical Communications Corporation stock is currently trading at $0.75 per share. It touched a 52-week high of $10.49 and a 52-week low of $10.49. Analysts tracking the stock have a 12-month average target price of $None.

Its 50-day moving average was $0 and 200-day moving average was $0 The short ratio stood at 0.04 indicating a short percent outstanding of 0%.

Around 2069.8% of the company’s stock are held by insiders while 259.7% are held by institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Communications Corporation

The stock symbol (also called stock or share ticker) of Technical Communications Corporation is TCCO

The IPO of Technical Communications Corporation took place on 1990-03-26

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Technical Communications Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, markets, and sells communications security devices, systems, and services worldwide. The company primarily provides video, data, fax, and voice networks. Its products include government systems, such as CSD 3324 SE secure telephone, fax and data system; CSD 3324 SP telephone and fax system; DSD 72A-SP military bulk ciphering system; and DSP 9000 radio encryption system, as well as the HSE 6000 squad radio headset and telephone encryptor for public safety special operations, land mobile radio applications, and for military applications. The company also provides network security systems comprising network encryption systems with centralized key and device management for IP, SONET/SDH, and frame relay networks to secure data in transit from local area network to local area network and across wide area networks. In addition, it offers secure office systems, such as CSD 4100 executive secure telephone and CipherTalk 8500 Internet protocol (IP)-based secure wireless phone. The company’s products are used to protect confidentiality in communications between radios, landline telephones, mobile phones, facsimile machines, data network equipment over wires, fiber optic cables, radio waves, and microwave and satellite links. Further, it offers funded research and development, and technology development services. The company serves various markets, including foreign and domestic governmental agencies, law enforcement and military agencies, telecommunications carriers, financial institutions, and multinational companies requiring protection of mission-critical information. It sells directly to customers, original equipment manufacturers, and value-added resellers using its in-house sales force, as well as domestic and international representatives, consultants, and distributors. Technical Communications Corporation was founded in 1961 and is based in Concord, Massachusetts.


100 Domino Drive, Concord, MA, United States, 01742-2892