June 29, 2022
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Buy Interface, Inc. Stock (symbol: TILE) Easy Online

Company Name: Interface, Inc.

Symbol: TILE

Sector: Consumer Durables

Industry: Home Furnishings

IPO: 2000

TILE Current Share Price

Today's TILE ( Interface, Inc. ) opening price: $

Yesterday's TILE ( Interface, Inc. ) closing price: $

Interface, Inc. Stock ( symbol: TILE ) Price Chart since IPO (2000):

12 Months Interface, Inc. Stock ( symbol: TILE ) Price Chart

Popular Questions about Interface, Inc. Public Stock ( TILE )

A: Interface, Inc. stock symbol (also called stock or share ticker) is TILE

A: Interface, Inc. IPO (Initial Public Offering) took place on 2000

A: Interface, Inc.'s stock (TILE symbol) price at ther IPO (initial Public Offering) was $

Q: Is TILE stock worth buying at the moment?

A: If you were looking for a long-term investment portfolio and had bought the 'Interface, Inc. stock (symbol: TILE) at the beginning of 2019, at the opening share price of $16.4100, with a minimum of $200, by now your shares would be worth $2636 and your profit would be $2436 - SHOW ONLY IF PROFIT.

Buy Interface, Inc. Stock Easy Online

Interface, Inc. Stock Ticker Price Chart since IPO:

Interface, Inc. Stock Price Yesterday


Interface, Inc. Stock Price – Last Week


Interface, Inc. Stock Price – Last Month


Interface, Inc. Stock Value Chart – 12 Months

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